My name is Pastor Ratnam and I am from Vellatur, Guntur District, Andrah Pradesh , India . With God’s help I run an orphanage here in rural India ably supported by my loving wife and a small team. When I started 11 years ago we had no money and only a vision. To start with we housed 3 homeless children in our 1 bed straw hut and now we are able to provide a loving home for 200 children in our orphanage. The area is very poor and many people suffer from AIDS. many of the children have been orphaned because of this. We have also completed many successful missions for the poor and rural people in our area e.g. tsunami re-development. We have done a lot but not enough. It is my mission to be able to house 500 homeless and abandoned children and by the grace of God I will achieve it. We have benefited from visitors coming to stay with us here at our orphanage spending their time teaching, singing and playing with the children. We require teachers of all subjects, though especially English, doctors, nurses, dentists, computer operators, electricians, builders, professionals with knowledge in agriculture, veterinaries, carpenters and builders to name but a few. If you are gifted with a special skill such as dancing, singing, playing an instrument, painting etc, or even if you would just like to help us care for the children or elderly people then we would warmly welcome you here. My wife and I are able to provide love and support for the children but we desperately need funds to continue our work with the rural poor of South India and we would be most grateful for any assistance that you may be able to give us. Our children love it when we have visitors from abroad and any new recruits are sure to receive a hearty welcome. Winning them together, Pastor..Ratnam Please visit our web site Email
Volunteers Work

For the cost, we charge nothing, but are happy that you come to help and I'm sure in this environment of a new culture and friendly place, you will receive great benefits with this experience, we provide a certificate at the end of the period of your work here.

Without the great work of all our volunteers dedicating their time to help us, it wouldn�t be possible for us to complete our mission. Because of the volunteers, we have made big changes not just here at the orphanage but also around Vellatur including the nearby tribal village where the dedicated volunteers have donated to help create toilet facilities for the many people there. This page is dedicated to the hard work of all the volunteers we have received that have given so much to our mission for the rural people of India. Words cannot express our thanks at the great work done by them and we deeply appreciate all their hard work, our volunteers are the Proactive World Changers of Today

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Liz Dew � was our first great miracle worker, she is the Chairman of the Mission for the Rural People-India UK Charity. She is responsible for raising the money needed for the 1 and a half acres of land for the orphanage including all the compound work needed, our main gates and the generator! She also sponsors 24 children regularly.

Joyce & Bill Walker �were our Bore-Well Directors they made it possible for bore wells to be created both here at the orphanage and the nearby tribal village and more than that, they sponsor 2 children regularly.

Carolina Eslava � she was our first volunteer to stay for 45 days! While here she taught English and computer lessons for the children and taught them new games. She also sponsored for a computer here aswell as a bicycle for the girls.

Michael Brown � he visited us from Poland and stayed for 45 days, whilst he was here he gave the children computer lessons. Lenas � travelled from snowy Sweden and stayed with us for 3 days and donated towards a Jeep for the orphanage.

Hiroshi � when he visited us we were in the early stages of building, and while here he laid the foundation stone and helped with the construction work even carrying many bags of cement! While here he taught break dancing, English lessons and games to the children. He was also a magician, and the children loved his tricks. After spreading the word about the great work going on here, he found Chris Evans another volunteer.

Rachel � during her stay she sponsored all 24 toilets for the tribal village! She also taught them about hygiene safety.

Andrew Dambrascus � he taught computer classes to the children and sponsored one bicycle for the boys!

George Dougherty � was a sponsor for the doors and electrical tools needed downstairs for the main building.

Patti Yagar � did great work for us by sponsoring for our buffalo and also bringing medical supplies, while here she helped share the word of god throughout many villages.

Chris Evans � this man�s work made an enormous difference here, he found a team of 11 willing volunteers called �The Global Green Trotters� that sponsored for the building and also started the �Blighty Banking Project� that sponsored for the roof upstairs at the orphanage. Maybe the most important was his sponsorship of the girls toilets! *The Global Green Trotters Team; Richard Beaty, Kevina, Georgina, Manoj, Bobby, Keith, Roland, Carolina Godsam,Lathen, Cherian

Richard Beaty � this man also did so much to help by donating 4 laptops to us, sponsoring the elderly home and the girls dorm. He was also Hair Nits Cleaning Director! All his work on the website paid off after spending hours everyday on the pc!

Nicholas � when he visited us he became our paddy rice field sponsor.

Tracy Allen � was our sponsor for the elderly toilets, that was much needed.

Sheree Grey � during her stay with us she taught English and computer classes for the children and also new games.

Phoebe �for her stay she taught English lessons to the children

Alex & Martha � stayed with us and sponsored all the buckets for the children and also several rice bags.

Anita Randon � she stayed with us for Christmas sharing carols and also brought Christmas candles for everyone. While here she taught English lessons and new games for the children. She also sponsored for the building!

Charles � whilst here he sponsored both for the elderly dining tables and new mattresses, he also taught English to the children and currently sponsors one. His role as PayPal director was equally important

Rebecca � during her stay she became our garden designer and also sponsored for our buffalo!

Dustin & PJ � during their visit to us Dustin taught English lessons and shared the gospel throughout the community and became a sponsor for our College Girls. PJ continues to sponsor two children.

Shona Morrison �while here Shona became a sponsor for the windows and did great work finding sponsors for more of the children, she also did much computer work for us.

Bobby & Lola Bambi � while here they taught English lessons and became window glass sponsors! Andrew

Ferdenanz � his great work here by organizing medical camps made a big difference, and he also found the time to teach English!

Elizabeth & Karen � these two volunteers visited us during the bad flooding we suffered and while they were here they taught English, computer lessons and new songs. Their biggest gifts to us was the new van and the 2 months worth of rations they bought for the children. The greatest gift of all that they gave was the huge amount of flood relief they sponsored, this reached and benefited 500 people! Amazing work girls!

Claire Bracken � during her time here Claire well and truly deserved the title of Painting Director, she painted absolutely everything! She also became a sponsor for the elderly and also a bricks sponsor for the continuing building work.

Marie � her time here was not wasted, she provided massage sessions to the elderly residents which has had great results. She also sponsored for the electricals and plumbing. She currently sponsors one child.

Martin � during his time here he taught English to the children and sponsored for the tiles needed for the upstairs girls� dorm. He also sponsors for two children.

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