We have many ideas on how to improve the quality of life for both the children and older people cared for here on the Good Samaritan Grounds and for the 27 surrounding villages. However, none of it is possible without your help. Follows is an outline of just a few of our projects. If you wish to become involved with any of these projects or just want to find out more, then please contact Pastor Ratnam at Any help, either big or small is appreciated here at Rural Mission India.


1.   Windows/Doors on first floor construction

We are hoping to finish construction on our first floor. At the moment we are having to cover the windows with plastic in order to stop the rain coming in. Each window will need glass fitted, tate wood frames and metal bolts and hinges. We have 19 windows which need fitting, which will cost Rs34,100. There are also three doors which need fitting inside the first floor. These will cost Rs6,000. We have two carpenters from the UK who would like to come as volunteers to help with this work. However, we desperately need funds in order to buy the materials.

2.   Study/roof bedroom + elevation

We Upstairs study room/bedroomalso need to finish work on our roof top room. So far the walls have been constructed but we need a roof and again windows and doors. We would like to complete this room so that we may use it as a study area for the children when it rains and also so some of the children can sleep there. We have had a quote of �600 to complete this. There has been some interest from volunteers to sponsor this construction but as of yet we have not received any money to enable us to do this. There is also an adjoining toilet to this room which will need completing as well. Plus, there is some elevation work that needs doing on the second floor, this is going to cost �1,200. It is expensive because it is a rather dangerous, difficult job as it is two floors up so the labour charge is high.

3.   Dining roomDinner time

Currently the children eat sitting in rows on the floor. Most of the time this is outside, however, when it rains we allow the use of the church building for dining. We would like to be able to build a dining room complete with tables and seating which we feel would be more hygienic and better for the children.

4.   Medical  centre

At the moment the nearest hospital is in Tenali which is 35km away.  Also a trip to the hospital is very expensive as they charge for tests, scans and medication. A combination of the distance and the cost of treatment means that people from the 27 surrounding villages where there is no hospital often do not receive the medical attention they require. We would like to build a medical centre here on the Good Samaritan Orphanage grounds where treatment will be free and available to all. In order to do this we need the help of medical professionals who are able to donate some of their time and possibly supplies.

5.   Moparru Orphanage

Some land has been donated by a Hindi couple from Moparru who have taken an interest in our mission. They have signed over the deeds for a 30 India cents/ 0.3 acre unused plot next to their home. It is their wish that we use this land to set up a new orphanage. We hope Moparru Orphanage Siteto build a compound wall round the new site and construct a temporary shelter for our first 10 children. Our benefactors are willing to provide food for our children once we have succeeded in opening this new project.  As they are keen for their land to be used for a good cause they have offered to provide more for our use dependent upon the growth of our mission at this site. In order for this to be made possible we need funds for the continuation of the construction and also sponsorship for the first 10 children.

6.   Church construction

Our current church building has a palm roof which has to be replaced each year. This is very costly and disruptive. We would like to build a permanent church building with land donated to the mission. We will need funds for supplies and labour costs in order to do this.


1.    Children�s SponsorshipFlood relief

2.    Computer classes for surrounding villagers

3.    Sponsorship for Elderly Home

4.    Blighty Banking for the poor wishing to set up their own businesses

5.    Girls Toilets

6.    Bore Wells for surrounding villages

7.    Pastor�s Bible school

8.    College Scholarships

9.    Dowry system

10.   Sewing machines

11.   Disaster relief

12.   Funds for Housing in surrounding villages

13.   Gospel outreach programme to travel around surrounding villages

14.   Money to help Pastors� and their families



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