ARC Moparru Orphanage

Recently Started with Alex Team. This Orphanage is called "ARC Orphanage Moparru."

Sponsored By :- Mr. Alex Team,UK.

  Vankateswara Rao and Lakshmi Kavamma  In early 2010 God granted us a new miracle. Through friends of our mission here in Vellatur, word of our cause to help 500 poor and needy children spread to a village 45km away called Moparru. It reached a generous Hindi couple who took an interest in what we are aiming to achieve. In order to learn more for themselves they made the journey to our orphanage and spent several days with us and observing our work. Heartened by what they witnessed, Vankateswara Rao and Lakshmi Kavamma decided that they would like to help us move forward and spread our mission further. Having plenty of land but no children of their own to pass it on to, they offered us the use of a 30 India cents/ 0.3 acre unused plot next to their home. It is their wish that we use this land to set up a new orphanage. The deeds were signed over in May 2010.

This new orphanage is currently being run by Brother Raju and his wife Lavynna. Presently, the temporary building's construction has completed and now 35 children are currently living there.  

In order to realize this amazing dream your help is needed. If you wish to become a part of this project and help change lives in Moparru then please contact us. Whether it be to donate towards the new permanent building or to become a sponsor for one of the children your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Recentlty Started with Alex team This Orphanage is called "ARC Orphanae Moparru."
Sponsored By :- Mr. Alex team,UK.

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