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What is the Mission for the Rural People?

The Mission for the Rural People is a team of committed men and women of God dedicated to helping children and the elderly in the Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh in southern India.Fifteen years ago we established an orphanage in Vellatur, which is a village in a rural part of Andhra Pradesh near Hyderabad. At the orphanage we help poor children abandoned by their parents or who have lost one or both of their parents to Aids or illness as a result of the harsh conditions here. Our ultimate goal is to provide care for at least 500 homeless and unwanted children. The orphans come from the slums, leper colonies, poor families and tribal villages. They come from the streets. Often rejected by their families and society they are left to beg for the very necessities of life. They come to us for shelter, clothing, food, education and the message of the Gospels. Currently we are helping 200 children but this is just a small percentage of those who desperately need help. We invite you to support our work and become a part of this ministry by sponsoring one of our orphans.

Our Mission is interdenominational and we welcome help from any quarter. We support the poorest of the poor, orphans, widows, the destitute elderly and those whom society has rejected. We invite you to join our mission.

Mission for the Rural People

Children at the orphanage

We are at the end time. We brought nothing into this world and take nothing along with us.The same feeling fired in my heart and God using me in the ministry. So beloved, your one time sacrificial love gift would help us to provide good future for the Orphans.

Please do as Lord Leads you.We are praying to raise the workers and partners to build His kindom. Millions of the unreached people,who have no knowledge of the true God.

Winning them together,

Pastor.P.Ratnam and Rev. Liz Dew

OUR Address:-
Mission for the Rural People
Vellatur - 522257,�
Bhattiprolu (Manadalam)
Guntur District, Andrha Pradesh,South INDIA

Please Join Us in Bringing the Love of Jesus
to the Rural People of India

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